Project Overview

The Educational Center in Freetown

At the heart of our efforts is the vision to provide high-quality education in Sierra Leone. Since our founding, we have focused on creating a comprehensive learning environment, achieved with the opening of our first school.

The Dr. Manfred Jäger Educational Center in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, was inaugurated in 2024 and accommodates 650 children. We are proud to offer a safe and welcoming environment that encourages learning and exploration.


April 2024

Grand Opening

  • Episcopal blessing of the educational center
  • Opening ceremony attended by government representatives and Caritas

Q4 2023

Construction Begins

  • Groundbreaking of the school in Freetown, Sierra Leone

August 2023

Project Launch

  • Christian Jäger founds the Dr. Manfred Jäger Educational Center
  • Cooperation with organizations like Caritas and Desert Flower Foundation