On May 16 at 6:05 PM, Christian Jäger, the founder of the Dr. Manfred Jäger Educational Center, delivered an inspiring speech at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival. The theme of his speech was “Education: The Most Powerful Weapon to Change the World,” a quote from Nelson Mandela that encapsulates his commitment to improving educational opportunities in Sierra Leone.

Christian Jäger discussed the challenges and successes of the education project in Sierra Leone, which aims to enhance the future of children through high-quality education and promote sustainable development in the region. His speech provided insights into the vision and progress of the Dr. Manfred Jäger Educational Center and highlighted the importance of education as a key to transforming communities.

The 4GAMECHANGERS Festival is a platform that brings together visionaries, innovators, and changemakers from various fields to discuss the future and find solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. For more information about Christian Jäger’s speech and the festival, please visit the following links:

Christian Jäger at the GCF24 Global Stage

Christian Jäger and Charlize Theron

(c) 4gamechanger / Moni Fellner

Program Excerpt Global Stage May 16, 2024